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Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy, your body goes through more changes than you can visibly see. Of course, there’s the growing belly, changes in posture, and the characteristic gait or “waddle,” but hormonal changes and chemical reactions affect mother and child too.

A strong and efficient nervous system is more important than ever during your pregnancy. Your brain needs to communicate with your body to keep you and your baby healthy. This communication occurs through the nervous system. If the nervous system is restricted by subluxations in your spine, your body could be receiving only parts of messages instead of the full transmission. The nervous system needs to be unobstructed during this time in order for these important messages to be received fully.

Chiropractic care can assist you in achieving ideal health that is essential for you and your baby. From pre-conception to post-delivery, chiropractic care can guide you through the process to have a healthy spine and nervous system structure.

Chiropractice care through all the stages of pregnancy


Prior to conception, a healthy spine and nervous system assist in creating a more regular menstrual cycle and optimizing uterine function which allows you to regulate your most fertile times and increase the chance of getting pregnant. It prepares your body to be strong, balanced, and ready to support a growing baby. Chiropractic care has even helped couples conceive when they believed they were infertile, due to the restoration of nerve supply to reproductive organs.


The extra weight gain, changes in your gait, and your center of gravity imbalance can cause backache, neck pain, and other discomforts in your spine during your pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help you maintain your center of gravity, posture, and flexibility. It is crucial to adjust and align your spine appropriately so you can feel well while your body changes and your baby grows. This process continues to open the spine and allow the nervous system to function effortlessly. Also, by comforting yourself, you are comforting your baby, and helping the little one assume the appropriate birthing position.

Dr. Kim is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, or ICPA, in The Webster Technique. This technique is a process specific to expectant mothers that aligns the pelvis to ease ligament stretching, calm discomfort, and allow the baby the freedom to move around and assume the appropriate position for birth. Dr. Kim was one of the first female chiropractors in the Cincinnati area to have certification in this technique.

By getting adjusted during pregnancy, your labor and delivery process could be shorter and less traumatic. High-tech intervention is minimalized and complications can be avoided if you and your baby are properly aligned for this life-changing event. With proper nerve supply, the labor process will flow smoothly and naturally with the least amount of pain to you, and less stress and trauma on your newborn.


Post-delivery chiropractic care is necessary to help you return and maintain your natural alignment. Your body will return to its original state, but with a more accurately adjusted nervous system and spine. It is also important to schedule a chiropractic check-up for your newborn. Birth is a challenging and distressing event for an infant, especially for the spine. But the gentle chiropractic touch can help your baby grow properly from the very beginning. You can relax knowing the light adjustment to your baby is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Chiropractic care can also benefit your children as they grow and mature.